"...should speak to any adult interested in culinary history" -Gourmet, April, 2004

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Table of Contents

First Nations and Early Settlers (1200-1674)
Early Colonial Dishes (1524-1674)
The Twenty-One Colonies (1710s-1790s)
The American Revolution (1776-1784)
Patriotic Cakes (1795-1860)
Early American Meals--Spring (1792-1852)
Early American Meals--Summer (1800s-1856)
Early American Meals--Fall (1803-1855)
Early American Meals--Winter (1780s-1866)
The World of Masters and Slaves (1800-1862)
Origins and Early Recipes of Popular Foods (1802-1876)
Pioneers (1803-1850s)
Early American Health Food (1827-1857)
Abolitionist Recipes (1827-ca. 1910)
The First American Celebrities (1827-1877)
The Age of Jackson (1820s-1852)
Cooking for Children (1837-1861)
Temperance and Prohibition Recipes (1837-1930)
American Steak and Potatoes (1841-1896)
Communal Experiments (1842-1975)
Eating on American Ships (1854-1910)
Camping Out (1856-1886)
Irish Immigration (1859-1877)
Civil War--North (1860-1865)
Civil War--South (1860s-1872)
Political and Topical Cakes and Cookies (1865-1899)
Military Outposts during the Indian Wars (1870s-1884)
Settlers and Homesteaders (1873-1911)
Late Victorian Health Food (1875-1904)
Colonial Revival (1876-1896)
Cooking by Kids (1877-1921)
Women's Suffrage (1878-1927)
National Unity versus Diversity (1878-1902)
Origins and Early Recipes of Popular Foods (1880-1936)
Trains, Cars, and Trailers (1882-1939)
Labor versus Capital (1892-1983)
The Women's Exchange Movement (1895-1972)
Camping in the 20th Century (1906-1963)
School Lunch (1912-1960s)
World War I (1916-1919)
Health Food in the 20th Century (1912-1973)
Cities and City Politics (1922-1931)
Recent Cooking by Kids (1922-1957)
Radio Recipes (1928-1936)
The Great Depression (1930-1940)
World War II (1941-1945)
The Cold War (1948-1973)
The Civil Rights Movement and Its Opponents (1950s-1970)
The Vietnam War and Its Opponents (1962-1975)
The 1970s (1971-1975)
Chronological Index
Index by States
Subject and Recipe Index

Copyright 2003,2004 by Mark H. Zanger. Remember, there is no copyright on recipes or other common household formulae, but copyright and fair use laws do apply to selection of recipes and cultural-historical commentary.